Chest Keloid

chest-keloidOut of all the places to get this type of scarring, I have heard the chest keloids are the most difficult to treat.

Why chest keloids are so frustrating…
One of the most disappointing things about having a keloid in this area is that it can often be extremely difficult to treat. I’m not a medical professional by any means, but I suspect this might be because of their typical shape and size. Chest keloids tend to be flatter and tend to grow over the area. The other common trait they have is the intense red color. Each of these qualities can make treatment difficult.

I hate to call this “good” news, but the one benefit of keloids on the chest is that they can usually be covered by a shirt (unlike when they’re on the face). However, they’re still visible when a top is not worn. For the sufferer, this can be something that is discouraging and even depressing. As down as you may feel, it’s important to remember that everyone else (at least adults) know exactly what keloids are and they don’t judge people that have them. Although it’s hard for a keloid sufferer to realize this mentality, there are many people that actually find these scars really cool looking believe it or not.

Is it possible to get rid of chest keloids or are they permanent?
Again I would like to point out that I’m not a doctor, so I’m not someone qualified to answer this question. However from what I understand (and as we previously discussed) a chest keloid is one of the hardest types to treat. It may be possible to get rid of, but sometimes it’s not. To find out, you will of course need to talk to a dermatologist and there’s really know way to know until you’ve tried the doctor’s recommended course of treatment.

When it comes to treating keloids on the chest, typically the only things that work are medical treatments that only your doctor can perform. For example, I have heard that getting steroid injections from the dermatologist can help flatten them over time. To address the red discoloration, some patients have had success with laser scar treatment. So the typical treatment plan might involve the doctor administered injections to flatten the scar, followed by the laser scar removal to treat the chest keloid’s discoloration.